Knight-Sky is a custom made universe based on the Savage Worlds ruleset.

The Hildebrandt Sigil

Surrounding a massive gas giant know only as “Oceanus” futuristic knights with high-tec versions of low-tech weaponry battle one another for valor, honor, and glory. Houses of powerful families control regions of space with their forces while maintaining powerful allegiances to higher names.

Centuries ago the Keepers (a group of knowledge seeking, “priests”) were able to perfect what is now known as “The Ascension” process. During one’s ascension their life force is transferred into a blue-crystalline cube which is then implanted into an android frame. These androids became known as the “Immortals” and, as their names suggest, were capable of infinite life so long as they maintained their frame.

Due to the rise of the Immortals, Houses and their leaders were able to last much longer than ever before. These massive houses grew to have their own culture, values, deities, and even political structures. Many houses, for purposes of survival, rely on more established ruling houses and are named their banner-men.

House Hildebrandt, banner-house of House Kolta, the rightful rulers of Oceanus, is where our story takes place. House Hildebrandt is no newcomer to the fray but nor is it the eldest. Founded by Lord Titus Hildebrandt nearly 1000 years ago the Hildebrandt name has built a reputation upon its foundation as master weapon-smiths and even better warriors. The house motto of the Hildebrandt name grants weight to their tenacity in war. First in Battle.

It is shortly after the collapse House Hildebrandt’s main capitol, Galdera, when this particular campaign occurs. Now, on a quest to rebuild their once glorious name, the Hildebrandt heroes begin their journey.