The Immortals


The Immortals were first created over a millennium ago when Keepers from all across the system met with one goal – the indefinite survival of the human race. Through trial and tribulation the perfected a process called “The Ascension” in which a person’s life essence is transferred into a blue-crystalline, cube and implanted into the matrix of an android frame.


These cubes, containing all the thoughts, memories, and personalities of the deceased, allow the deceased to, in a sense, become immortal. These frames granted the users eternal life so long as they maintained and cared for their new metal bodies.

As an Immortal, one no longer needs to eat, breathe, use the restroom, or consume fluids. Each Immortal does, however, possess the capacity to reproduce through an in vitro fertilization process via the usage of prosthetic reproductive organs. The necessity for reproduction was realized after the first of the Immortals fell in battle with no heir to their name’s sake.

The tragedy, however, of being an immortal is that for one Immortal to be created, another must be destroyed. The reason this is so is because after billions upon billions of Immortals had been “born” the material used to construct the memory matrix cubes had been all but exhausted.

Now the ascension process is reserved for only those of noble birth or, in a few cases, a very rare exception made by nobility. It is considered a high honor to ascend into the ranks of immortality.

“Maximillian…can you hear me?” “Yes, father.”
-Lord Shenwa to his son following his ascension

The Immortals

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