The House of Kolta

House Colors: Silver and Gold

House Sigil: Hammer

House Motto: Stand and be Judged

The Kolta are the ruling family of Saxian Kingdom. Their dominion covers every moon, planetoid, space station, and floating rock that orbits the great purple and gas giant of Oceanus. They do not directly administer every peasant and noble house under their rule though. Oversite duty is split among a number of great houses that answer only to the Kolta’s themselves. These great houses in turn watch over their own holding and those of smaller “banner houses.”

The Kolta have not always had control over the people’s of Oceanus. For a long time after the collapse of The Confederation Oceanus and it’s satellites were fractured into countless small fiefdoms, ruled over by military strongmen. This was a chaotic time known most popularly as the Age of Strife. Order began to return to when the first noble house of Rockefeller-Kent was given The Mandate and started to bring all of territory around Oceanus under their rule. Though the Rockefeller-Kent’s would never manage to gain complete control over Oceanus, for nearly 1000 years they brought stability to the people of their kingdom. But outside forces and internal corruption began to chip away at the Rockefeller-Kent’s power and The Mandate passed to the hands of house Kolta.

The Kolta came into their full power 1,498 years ago when they finally defeated their greatest rival for control, the house of Rockefeller-Kent. They then spent the next 300 years gaining complete control over the territories of Oceanus, a feat which had not been seen since the age of Confederation. Since that time only a few short periods of rebellion or civil conflict have allowed others to claim sovereign regional kingdoms.

Now the Kolta are seen as the rightful rulers of Oceanus and the unquestionable holders of The Mandate. As the sovereigns of the Saxian Kingdom, the Kolta claim complete rights to the natural resource of their territory. Most importantly the Hydrogen mined from the atmosphere of Oceanus. The Kolta also control the largest individual military force of any noble house in the Kingdom. They rule from the capital of White City located on a giant space station known of “The Seat.”

The House of Kolta

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