The tardigrades are descendants of their microscopic ancestors. Except these monstrosities can grow up to 20 ft. tall.


These monsters are native to the planet of Neo-London. Once microscopic in size, radioactivity and a bastardized version of evolution have turned the tardigrades into fierce apex predators.

It is said one lone beast can take on a fully armed squad of 20 men if attacked unaware. Though humans are still at the top of the food chain they follow quickly behind. After death they, like their ancestors, will solidify into a weakened glass material which is often harvested and reused for household tools and pottery by common folk. Other uses include, trophies, jewelry, sculptures, and even “enchanted” weapon runes.

They are considered an Alpha level threat and are to be terminated immediately upon sight per Lord Evelyn’s orders.

“Sir! They’ve broken through the gate, there’s at least…By Titus’s Blade…there’s at least a thousand of them!”
-Garrison Arms-man Grently Buckle, The Massacre of AshForge


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