Knight Sky

MIssion 7: The hunt for Roger Arlox
Recap for 1/31/16

AAR – Mission 7: The hunt for Roger Arlox

The Vanguard takes a month’s time off to recuperate from the heavy hit aboard the raider vessel. In the passed time, Arthur gets used to his new prosthetic, Markavious departs for other matters Ordo Custos,Apollo learns to use his new weapon much better, Atlas constructs additional ammo, and Viktor spends his days doing whatever it is that he does. The crew is summoned to the war room for their next mission. Lady Evelyn, High Keeper Barrus, and Sir Ivan Longcoat are all present as well as another scribe that, until now, had only been under the radar: Scribe Ira. Lady Evelyn and High Keeper Barrus report the information that they gathered from interrogating the mercenary swordsman and come to find out that he was outfitted with his Shenwa weaponry by none other than Roger Arlox. Outraged at the lack of information about this treacherous beast, Apollo stands and demands information from Scribe Jaylen as he had requested the info from her months ago. Embarrassed the Scribe stands up to give her report about her findings – Equally embarrassed Apollo sits back down noting his terrible timing on his outburst.

Scribe Jaylen recounts the information on this known miscreant and divulges that he is known to spend time on a midway space station between Neo-London and the Corbray homeworld called “The Stop”. Lord Evelyn wastes no time in dispatching the Vanguard to apprehend this Arlox character and bring him to justice. The crew does a quick gear check and boards the nicest dropship to set “sail” for the space station.

When the crew arrives in full HIldebrandt-sigil-adorned garb they are horribly out of place as every grease-covered, dirt speckled, peasant eyeballs the crew and gives them a wide birth as they make their way into the station. After questioning some locals the group finds that a man named Theo runs the joint and is in charge of assigning all jobs and work. He defers this job of assignment, however, to a crew of nearly a dozen workers at desks who handle the long lines of people looking for “jobs”. In a hap-hazard improvised plan, the heroes attempt another Honey-pot scam in effort to create a trap around them and over power their opponents. This plan, however, is quickly dissolved as Apollo and Viktor find themselves staring down the barrels of multiple guns and the points of a few spears. Knowing they can’t handle an entire spacestation of ruffians, Arthur gives the order to fall back to the ship while they still have a ship to fall back to. In the chaos, Ira and Arthur are both able to find that one of Roger Arlox’s favorite service ships is about to leave for a mission. The crew leaves the station and docks on a nearby asteroid to wait for the ship to exit port.

The ship finally leaves “The Stop” and the crew follows from a distance. Arthur calls in a Titus-Warship boarding crew as back up and the 9 soldiers board the smuggling vessel. Being in sensor range during their trip the crew is met with immediate resistance. But the smugglers lack of training, skill, instinct, and honor only help them to more quickly become casualties to the unstoppable onslaught that is the Hildebrandt Vanguard. Only one Hildebrandt casualty vs their 6? They liked those odds. Pushing further into the vessel through hidden corridors and shafts the heroes find their way to the bridge where they engage in even more combat. One more Hildebrandt foot-soldier is lost in the fray and Arthur takes a crippling shot to his only good leg, barely escaping with his life. Viktor, Ira, and Apollo are able to quickly dispatch the rest of the bridge crew while Atlas poors rounds down a corridor, single-handedly holding off an entire squadron of smugglers trying to retake the bridge. Through a very quick sword-tip-assisted interrogation, Apollo is able to gain the captain’s passcode to the ship and seals the bulkhead to the bridge followed by venting all the ship’s atmosphere save for the bridge itself. Now they would only have to worry about the immortals crewing the ship. The mission, though, is far from over….

Mission 6
Recap for 1/24/16

AAR – MIssion 6: The Honey Pot

The clangs of swords in the west training field are drowned out by the massive engines of the Capitol Ship: Titus. Arthur and the Vanguard make their way towards the docking bay where they meet with Lord Evelyn and Sir Ector upon their return from their meeting with House Ghebhard. After many moments of discussion the politics are laid to rest for the time and the more pressing matter of the immediate condition of the Hildebrandt moon is taken into account.

Raiders had become quite the nuisance since the Fall of Galdera (See database entry 280). As such, reports of these groups becoming bolder in the last few weeks had garnered the attention of Lord Evelyn. She defers to her son, Arthur, on the matter and leaves it to his judgement on what should be done. Deferring to the rest of the Vanguard a decision is made to emulate the legendary Raven of the Black Forest (See database entry 026), in which a honey pot, of sorts, would be laid out for the raiders to hit only to be ambushed by an eager Vanguard.

No time was wasted and the plan was set into motion. A 3 train-long caravan was dispatched from Ashforge to a neighboring city. Raiders exploded from the woods ahead of the caravan all mounted on their hover-bikes. In a stunning move, an explosive charge is hurled towards the nearest wall to the city and explodes leaving a massive hole for the raiders to ride through. Stuck on the train the Vanguard is only able to watch as the raiders entered and laid waste to parts of the city. The rising smoke plumes in the distance gave urgency to the band of heroes and they detached the rest of the caravan for a speed boost. Unable to capture any of the raiders the Vanguard summons a dropship and tends to the city’s wounded. The dropship arrives shortly and the Vanguard moves off, airborne, in the direction of the fleeing raiders.

Anti-aircraft fire quickly erupts from the trees below forcing the crew to evacuate from the ship with their Raven-Class Jump Packs. Apollo is stuck on the drop ship as a second shot from a massive harpoon launcher strikes the hull of the ship. He is able to bring the ship upright enough that the chain hanging from the harpoon acted as a sort of rappelling device, hanging from the dense tree cover, allowing him to simply regroup with the others on the ground to continue their assault on the raider fortress.

The fortress, itself, was a derelict mining vessel with its giant bay doors locked ajar acting as a makeshift cave in the hillside. In a practiced phalanx formation the vanguard presses forward into the camp in Alpha formation (3-man shield wall, Viktor on the six, and Atlas as the overwatch). The camp resistance was quickly dispatched with the trained might of the group. Multiple skilled slashes, swipes, and headshots later and the Vanguard was pushing their way inside the fortress. Upon approaching the bridge of the vessel the crew is met with heavy resistance by skilled shield soldiers and spear-men. An aggressive fight takes place with the HIldebrandt forces eventually claiming victory with only minor injuries. Their celebration, however, is cut short by the engines of a hover-bike flaring to life in the bridge plowing through Arthur and Apollo leaving them both horribly maimed. Atlas, not being in the bridge with them, is able to bring his rifle to bare and bring the rider down with his machine-like proficiency. Viktor and Markavious are able to tend to Apollo and Arthur while help arrives. The rider, however, isn’t downed so easily and draws a bright orange Shenwa Greatsword. With centuries of training and expert programming, Atlas shows the might of the old ways and downs the would-be swordsman.

Evac ships shortly arrive and take the wounded and the enemy swordsman back to Ashforge. Markavious quickly goes to work to repair Arthur’s amputated leg. Apollo, being an immortal, is able to get the repairs needed. Barrus, High-keeper of House Hildebrandt begins his fabled interrogation techniques on the captive swordsman. He boasts “I should have answers shortly”.

Mission 5
Recap for 12/17/2016

AAR – Mission 5: The Truth Revealed, yet Justice desired

The Vanguard sped across space in the Kolta Gauss power craft towards something known only as “the object”. Arthur attempted to make peace with the Shenwa Captain en route to the objective in efforts to form a more powerful squad but is met with strict rebellion and insulting words. The Kolta boarding craft collides with the the unknown object and both squads, Shenwa and Hildebrandt, exit the vessel weapons at the ready. The Shenwa forces, so sure of their footing, take an immediate path towards the location as marked on their geiger counters, clearly with their own plans. With a door blocking the path and two very unfriendly Shenwa Knights guarding the way forward, the crew does what only can be done and waits. After much time goes by the Shenwa forces are able to slip past their makeshift blast door and seal it behind them just as fast as they opened it, leaving the Hildebrant warriors on their own. With no other choices to make the Vanguard follows Sir Arthur’s command and explores the vessel. Upon further exploration the crew discovers dust particles and make-shift barriers along the way granting validity to the fears of some sort of metal re-purpose scavenging that had taken place. Atlas discovers ancient bullet holes along the bulkhead with ancient calibers. After bypassing some doorways the crew makes their way to the bridge of the vessel. Markavious is able to discern the actual age of the vessel and discovers the vessel is thousands of years old. While Markavious absorbs as much info as possible Apollo feels a faint rumbling throughout the ships hull and makes it known to the group. Wasting no time, Arthur gives the command to leave as Markavious had discovered that the ancient ship, itself, was hurtling towards the atmosphere of Oceanus. With precious time wasting, the heroes make their way to the source of the tremors only to discover the Shenwa Knight-Captain using mining-grade explosives to blast a hole into the hull of the ship in efforts to steal away with the AI-corrupting technology. The team wasted no time in confronting the Captain which lead to an altercation effectively ending the Captain’s life and the lives of his two Knights whilst, simultaneously, acquiring a full confession to their misdealings: lying to the king, stealing the tech for themselves, attempting to have the Hildebrants killed, and plotting a powerplay.

Once the Shenwa forces had been dispatched the crew prepared a long debrief for the King and his Keepers to be viewed upon their return. Once arrived the crew was quickly stripped of all weapons and armor and subjected to a long, post-mission, sterilization and screening process. Their efforts, however, would be granted no ceremony as the mission was highly classified and off the books. The Queen made it clear to the Hildebrandts that there would be no punishment for the Shenwa’s as none of the dealings of the past few days had even “taken place”. Scorned and their trust in the Kolta house shaken, Arthur, Markavious, Victor, Atlas, and Apollo give a full debriefing to Sir Ector Lohengrin and High Keeper Barrus, despite the King’s direct commands.

The Hildebrandts would not falter in their convictions to the house. Despite the King’s orders they would ensure their honor and integrity would stay true, not to the King, but to Titus and his legacy.

The Story so Far
A recap.

AAR (After Action Report) – Mission 1: Rebuild Galdera

After a massive attack on the capitol of Galdera, Hildebrandt forces were required to reassume their old home of AshForge, a relic long forgotten and left to decay. Now their only means of shelter it was up to Hildebrandt forces to reclaim the prize. A small recon detachment comprised of Knight-Keeper Markavious, Apollo Arlox RangeMaster Atlas-009, and Scribe Jaylen was sent to the nearest shield generator pylon for damage assessment and recon of the area. The recon team was met with little to know resistance until the final area in which they encountered a tardigrade monster. The team was able to quickly dispatch the monster, gather up recordings and data, and make their way back to AshForge to report their findings. //END REPORT

AAR – Mission 2: The Search for Answers

Now at full strength with Prince Arthur at the helm of the Vanguard, the team was tasked with a secret mission to explore the[[Hildebrandt Database Entry 280: The Fall of Galdera | ruins of Galdera]]. After a recon team reported a lack of human activity in the area, Lord Evelyn sent the Vanguard to ascertain the truth of the capitol and report back with their findings. Upon arrival to the capitol the team was met with a scene of utter destruction and a memory too fresh in their minds. Bodies littered the streets and surrounding structures. Among them were bodies of men in mixed-colored armor with weapons bearing the tell-tale glow of the Shenwa house. Upon reporting this to Lord Evelyn the Vanguard was reassigned to visit house Shenwa under the pretense of arranged marriage to daughter of Lord Shenwa, Lydia. The team made haste to the Shenwa capitol and spent the night to prepare for a day of pomp and circumstance. Meanwhile, Victor Forge overhears a troubling conversation from Maximillian. //END REPORT

AAR – Mission 3: Betrayal Among Houses

Once the frivolous happenings of the evening began to die down, Sir Arthur requests a meeting with Maximillian to discuss the findings of his capitol and confront him about the Shenwa weaponry discovered among the bodies. Markavious encounters a rather drunk Scribe of House Shenwa who ushers an eerie warning about Maximillian and coaxes him away to speak more privately. Apollo makes his way to a garden to participate in a more physical form of entertainment with blade and the Shenwa House Champion. Victor and Atlas make their way to the garden as well to participate. But a trap is afoot. Upon a sour meeting and false accusations by Maximillian regarding the attack on Fort Common (a Shenwa Banner-House), the order is given to have the members of House Hildebrandt arrested. With no fight, the Hildebrandt heroes relinquish their weaponry for fear of starting a war and surrender. Luckily, having met Scribe Lam, Markavious is able to coordinate a break out with Lam in the evening allowing the heroes to escape on their ship but not before encountering an odd, gun-toting, mercenary. The crew makes haste to Fort Common to discover the truth behind the alleged “Hildebrandt attack” and grant pardon to their names. A gruesome sight to behold was met by the heroes upon arrival to common. Many House Common soldiers lay dead as well as the same multi-colored armor mercenaries. Venturing further into the makeshift research facility they discovered bodies that had been ripped limb from limb among scores of derelict Immortal frames (See The Immortals). Quickly the investigation turned into a struggle for survival as the Immortals awoke and attacked the crew. They were victorious in their combat save for Atlas who was gravely injured. The Immortals had seemingly become infected by some sort of virus. With his constant quest for knowledge, Markavious recovered scores of holo-data in which he would present to House Shenwa to make them see the error of their ways and also, hopefully, freeing the other Hildebrandt captives in the Shenwa Capitol. A Bird was sent to both House Hildebrandt and House Kolta as the men departed from the graveyard that was once House Common. //END REPORT

AAR – Mission 4: A King’s Warning

Following the horrific events at Fort Common there was no time to waste as news of the escape had traveled and Shenwa diplomats were making their way to the House Kolta capitol to report the “Hildebrandt treachery” to the King himself. As quickly as they had arrived they were aboard a prototype craft capable of high velocites for minimum crew. With newly defected Scribe Lam in tow, the crew quickly made their way to The White City where they met with the King in his court before pleading their case to the High-keepers of House Kolta. The case was mostly a match of misinformation vs coldhard facts until a sledgehammer’s blow of evidence was delivered by Markavious with a holo recording taken straight from Shenwa/Common computers. The recording was that of rampant Immortals tearing apart people and immortals alike with vicious efficiency and the subsequent visit of the Hildebrandts themselves just before yanking the recording matrix. This new bit of evidence certainly changed the tone of the hearing from one of trivial drama to that of Imperial Security. Immediate lockdown overtook the room and an eventual visit from the King left the hearing on an eerie note. “Not one word of what has transpired in this chamber will ever leave here. You are never to speak of this to anyone upon pain of death…am I crystal clear?” His words hung in the ears of everyone present. After the, frankly, strange hearing the crew attempted to leave the capitol and were met with an unexplained grounding on their ship only to discover the next day that they were to meet with the King personally. A most notable honor. The dinner, however, was not just a dinner and was, instead, a mission briefing delivered by the King himself to investigate a celestial object of unknown origin that could be tied to the events at Fort Common. Both Hildebrandt and Shenwa forces would be made to participate on this sortie. And the next day the crew found themselves geared up and trading insults with the House they had lost all respect for in the crew hold of a Kolta dropship en route for something most certainly sinister. //END REPORT

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