Sir Markavious Hildebrandt

Knight-Keeper of House Hildebrandt


Sir Markavious the Advisor, 9th of the Hildebrandt Line, 3rd Born of the 2nd Son, Keeper of Ordo Custos, Knight-Captain of the House


Markavious stands 6’4" tall with broad, imposing shoulders. His plasteel platemail armor is draped in crimson robes with a gear-tooth pattern, demarcating his position as a Keeper. With his helmet removed, Markavious has salt-and-pepper hair shaved on the left side. Exposed by the removed hair are several data ports and connection points permanently installed in his skull. His left eye, jaw and left leg have been replaced with electro-mechanical prosthetic. He walks with a mechanical whirr and a slightly unnatural gait, and in the dark a faint red glow is emitted from the electronic eye.

In a bandoleer across his chest, Markavious keeps a variety of tools, emergency pharmaceuticals and surgical implements necessary to keep his organic and inorganic vanguard members on their feet. Ever at his side is a long handled Keeper’s Axe and a tall pavise style shield. When activated, hollow portions of the shield crackle with energy, projecting a broad force field across the face of the shield. The axe uses insta-print technology to form the blade and point atop the handle, projecting outward from this blade is a serrated energy edge that glows Hildebrandt crimson.

Markavious’s personality is a blending of fierce warrior, honored veteran, mystical techpriest and faithful mentor. He guides those in his stead with patience and experience. He treats ancient technology and mystical artifacts with reverence and respect. He serves his house with strict military bearing and meets his enemies in battle with burning ferocity.

Honor bound. Determined. Capable. This and much more describes the Knight-Keeper Markavious. He endeavors to serve House Hildebrandt and aid the House’s ascension into galactic glory.


//ARCHIVE DATE: T-30 Years // KotH Markavious Hildebrandt // Combat Record//
The blast threw Markavious into the air. The forward display in his helmet flickered, then returned. Falling, he can see his foot and hand, instinctively grasping for air. The landing knocked the breath from his lungs. Searing pain in his left leg. A second blast reverberated through the ground below him.

Barbaric. Honorless. In their desperation, his foes level the weapons of the pactless past against them. Meaningless; House Hildebrandt will not stoop to such savagery. Our victory will be honorable, untainted.

Hot ash from the second explosion falls upon his cheek. The sputtering visor shows nothing.. he reaches with his left hand and touches his face. Wet.. hot.. the helmet partially torn away by the force of the explosion. To his left, only darkness. Reaching behind his head, he depresses the doffing switch of his helm, pulling it from his head. Blindly grasping, he finds the haft of his polearm and activates it, sticking the blade into the ground.
Straining, Markavious pushes his chest from the ground, as the thundering engines of a House Gunship get closer. As he tries to stand, violent pain erupts from his leg.
Vision failing… the darkness from the left side of his field of view grows. Briefly, the gunship comes into view. Red, White and Black. Salvation. Blacking in and out… a Keepers mask… Pain… Bright lights, and finally, sleep. Awakening, the slab he lays on begins to rotate him into a standing position. Scribes around him undo straps and buckles.

His vision is returned.. though changed… digitalized. Cold steel meets his flesh in the middle of his thigh.. taking his first awkward steps forward, chilling numbness and mechanical whirring meet the floor with every other step.

Broken. Rebuilt. Still mortal. My days as a Knight of the House lay behind me now. My years en ordo custos, begin anew.

Keeper Markavious lumbers into the Knights Hall. Every other step thumping and whirring as his dense metal leg strikes the polished wooden floor. Tired and bloodied from the days affairs, he lands heavy in the oversized armchair closest to the fire. His large mug of ale foams to the brim as a squire fills it. He takes a long, satisfying drink from the vessel.
“Titus’s blade, thats a fine brew Carmichael.” He groans, leaving a few extra crowns on the boys tray as he sends him away. Sitting on the floor near the fire is the young crown prince, Arthur.

“Tell me of Titus, uncle? Why do we praise him so?”

Ushering the lad a little closer, Markavious takes a second drink from his tankard, before speaking in a hushed, but reverant tone. “Sit awhile Lad. I’ll tell you of our Lord Titus, and his place amongst the stars.”

“Hundreds of years ago, Titus Hildebrandt was the Knight-Lieutenant of House Kolta. A tremendous honor for a Knight in Service. The Kolta House was at war with a neighboring planet, and the fleet was extended across the system, engaged in a long and exhausting war. On the home planet of house Kolta, rising from millenia of slumber, fearsome beasts rose and assaulted the house of our Leige-Lord. With the military extended and entrenched, it fell upon Titus and the Royal Guard to defend the kingdom.”

Clearing his throat with another swig of ale, Markavious’s eyes stray from the boy to the fire in the hearth. “The royal guard were never outmatched, but hopelessly outnumbered. Before long, they were pushed back all the way to the gates of the keep. The gates were strong, and held for 3 days, but soon, the beasts began to break through. The fleet was returning to defend the homeland, but its retreat was hampered by our interstellar foes. One by one the remaining royal guard fell, until only 6 men remained, holding the gate. 5 days and nights, longer than the gates itself held, Titus and his last remaining men held the line, against all odds, on the morning of the 6th day, the fleet arrived, and Kolta was saved.”
Smiling, he continues “For his actions in defense of Kolta, Titus Hildebrandt and all his rightful heirs we’re forever imbued with the blood of noblemen, by the decree of the Lord of Kolta.”

“Glory is Titus’s legacy. Bravery was his shield that day, honor his blade. All Knights of Hildebrandt strive to emulate even a modicum of these traits. The rock upon which our families legacy was built. The throne upon which you shall sit some day, Lad.”

“I walk in the shadow of Titus, so I may illuminate his House.” – Markavious Hildebrandt

Sir Markavious Hildebrandt

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