Sir Ivan Hildebrandt



Name: Sir Ivan Hildebrandt
Age: 62
Height: 5’10
Weight: 208
Hair: White (Formerly Black)
Weapon: Standard issue Gladius
Armor: Zornhau Mk. II


Sir Ivan Hildebrandt is the youngest cousin of the late Lord Gregory Hildebrandt. Being so far removed from the line of succession, Sir Ivan devoted his entire life to mastering all forms of martial combat. He spent the long days of his youth in the training yard, and spent his nights in the library studying every tome on the subject he could get his hands on. This made Sir Ivan the foremost expert in all things melee. The vast knowledge he accumulated in his youth made him the only choice for the position of Master-at-Arms. Aside from his skill as a trainer, Sir Ivan is most known for his loud, boisterous nature; always willing and able to speak his mind freely. However, behind his gruff exterior lies a valiant heart that beats only for his family and its future.

“I don’t care if you’re the bloody King Kolta! You will follow my rules when you’re in my yard!”- Sir Ivan to young Arthur

Sir Ivan Hildebrandt

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