Sir Ector Lohengrin

House Champion of Hildebrandt, Knight-Commander of its Armies


Name: Sir Ector Lohengrin
Age: 53
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 279lbs
Hair: White (Formerly Brown)
Eyes: Hazel
Weapon: Cerberus War Axe Custom, Goliath Series Energy Shield
Armor: Black Bull Mk. IV Custom


Sir Ector Lohengrin is considered a living legend upon the battlefield. Never bested in singles combat, Sir Ector sky-rocketed through the ranks of the Hildebrandt army under the reign of Lord Gregory Hildebrandt. Sir Ector attained the position of House Champion after successfully defeating the previous champion, Sir Ragnar Hammerfist. Shield-brother of the then Lord Heir Evelyn Hildebrandt, Sir Ector and Sir Evelyn grew to have a strong relationship built upon mutual respect. When Evelyn assumed the throne, her first act was appointing Sir Ector as Knight-Commander of all Hildebrandt forces. A title he holds to this day. It is believed that the sight of his fearsome Black Bull armor terrifies all who stand before him, as well as rallies his allies to him. Nowadays, Sir Ector spends his time either alongside Lord Evelyn in the war room planning the future of their House, or training the Heir, Sir Arthur, in the ways of war. However, he often longs to once again take the field of battle in the name of Titus.

“You will never understand the meaning of the word ‘Champion’ until you have faced the Black Bull. Many have tried. All have failed.”- Sir Merrin Bright, Champion of House Corbray

Sir Ector Lohengrin

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