Scribe Jaylen Andromeda

Senior Scribe of Ordo Custos


Name: Scribe Jaylen Andromeda
Age: 26
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 143lbs
Hair: Crimson
Eyes: Green
Weapon: Twin Ulfbert-class Ashblades
Armor: Vanguard Minimalist Mk. 2 overlapping standard issue Scribe’s robes


Portrait of Scribe Jaylen during the battle for Galdera

Long crimson hair and piercing green eyes accent a young but seasoned Jaylen Andromeda. Standing at nearly 5’10" she is taller than most women in the Hildebrandt House. A small scar above her upper lip hints at her history with the sword but it’s her battle-scarred armor and tattered Scribe robes that give it away that, Scribe Jaylen, is no one to be trifled with. In only a few short months she will be well on her way to becoming the next keeper in the ranks of the Ordo Custos.

Senior Scribe Jaylen Andromeda was first inducted into the Ordo Custos shortly after her sixteenth birthday. Always being the curious sort, her thirst for knowledge finally found quenching under the tutelage of High Keeper Barrus and Knight-Keeper Markavious. Her family name, Andromeda, is one of import as it was the Andromeda family who first discovered the technology which gave birth to the impressive R3DP (Rapid 3D Printing) technology used in most weapons and armor today.

Though she is a woman of knowledge, Jaylen is no stranger in battle. Where her mind is sharp, her blade is sharper. She has participated in many battles both with Ordo Custos and the Vanguard granting pride to the Hildebrandt motto – First in Battle. Among these battles are: The Pilgramage to Oxsley, The Great Mountain-Top Skirmish, and the most famous of all, The Battle for Galdera. She favors the dual-sword fighting style and has, reportedly, trained with Viktor Forge to better hone her skills.

Jaylen Andromeda, on top of being an impressive warrior and even more astute student of knowledge, is ferociously beautiful. Affectionately nick-named “The Scarlet Siren” among the ranks of the garrison, Jaylen is just as gorgeous as she is deadly. Her astute manner, piercing armor and vibrant beauty make Scribe Jaylen a valuable asset, and pleasant presence among those that reside in Ashforge.

Jaylen has been a crucial member to the Vanguard in intelligence gathering and recon. She is their go-to person for matters of information gathering or mission-critical work. Where the Vanguard is the arrow that strikes the target, Jaylen is the bow, and Lord Evelyn, the archer.

“I, Jaylen Elise Andromeda, do solemnly swear to uphold the honor, integrity, and values that many have sacrificed their lives to preserve. Through my tomes I will weaken our enemies, by my blades I will strike them down into oblivion. I am a Scribe of the Ordo Custos and I will never falter in my quest.”
-Initiate Jaylen during her Ordo Custos induction

Scribe Jaylen Andromeda

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