Sir Octavian Hildebrandt

Hildebrandt Knight Commander and Captain of the Titus Warship


Name: Sir Octavian Hildebrandt
Age: 51
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 232 lbs
Hair: Silver and black
Eyes: Synthetic Orange
Weapon: Kolta Pharoh – Class War Axe; Hildebrandt Kite Shield
Armor: Falcon Custom


Like his brother, Markavious, Octavian was a Knight who served on the front lines of the HIldebrandt forces. The blast that rocked Markavious and robbed him of half of his humanity is the same that took Octavian’s left eye. The two brothers were unbeatable on the battlefield. Working together in unison they fought as though they were connected at the mind. Where Markavious would slash, Octavian would thrust, when Markavious parried, Octavtian would counter. The duo became known as “Thunder and Lightning”, one never far from the other and both followed by a wake of devastation.

After the unfortunate maiming of Markavious and his subsequent joining of Ordo Custos, Octavian assumed the mantle of Captain of the Titus. With his new honor bestowed upon him he sacrificed his life as a soldier to live out the remainder of his days aboard the Titus Warship, only stepping foot on ground in times of grave importance.

His son Christoph, a young Spear-man in the garrison, is Octavian’s only “presence” in Ashforge.

“Though the thunder and lightning have passed, the winds are only beginning to stir.”

Sir Octavian Hildebrandt

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