Lord Evelyn Hildebrandt

Lord Warmaster of House Hildebrandt


Name: Lord Evelyn Hildebrandt
Age: 51
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 145lbs
Hair: Gray (Formerly Blonde)
Eyes: Dark Brown
Weapon: Judgement
Armor: Valkyrie MK.1 Custom


Lord Evelyn Hildebrandt rose to power upon the death of her father, Lord Gregory Hildebrandt. Her reign has been one of triumph and devastation. Many of the records from her first years as Lord of the house have either been altered or expunged entirely. Most notably the records pertaining to the birth of her first child, Viktor Forge. Known across Oceanus as the Valkyrie of Hildebrandt, Lord Evelyn has garnered a reputation as being a tough, shrewd commander willing to meet any threat to her family regardless of the circumstance. In the year T-27, she arranged to marry the second born son of House Corbray, Sir William Corbray. Together, they had only one true-born son, Sir Arthur Hildebrandt. Unfortunately, Sir William Hildebrandt died shortly after Arthur’s birth when his diplomatic shuttle was attacked and destroyed by space pirates in orbit of Neo-Madrid. The death of her husband left Lord Evelyn even more cold and hard than she already was. This would not be the last tragedy to befall her reign.

At midnight on Titus Day, the annual celebration of the founding of House Hildebrandt, the capital city of Galdera was sacked by heavily armed raiders. It is widely believed that without the calculating leadership of Lord Evelyn, the entire House would have been wiped out that night. However, the Hildebrandts lived on to re-inhabit the ancient fortress of Ashforge. All thanks to the ruthless intelligence of Lord Evelyn Hildebrandt.

“When you hear the thunderous roar of my army, try not to run. My men would be terribly disappointed.”- Lord Evelyn Hildebrandt

Lord Evelyn Hildebrandt

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