Guardian of Hildebrand. Rangemaster of House Hildebrandt





Identification: Atlas.009-7313.
Created: <data.corrupt.>
Deployment Log: <data.corrupt.>Days.
Operation Guidelines: Assigned to the command of Gen<data.corrupt.> William Hildebrand of th<data.corrupt.>
Use of Primary Weaponry: granted.
Use of Heavy Weaponry: granted.
Use of Secondary Weaponry: granted.
Use of Melee Weaponry: <data.corrupt.>
Use of “Last Resort” Weaponry: <data.corrupt.>
Use of Defence Protocol 001: granted


Is this all I have left? After so long and with all the advancements my kind have made…This is all I can recover? Maybe it is for the best. House Hildebrand has treated me well over the centuries. Well, the Hildebrand family has… When did they become this…thing they are today? Which war was it after? Doesn’t matter, I’m not sure I would go anywhere else anyway. Don’t think I would want to. Or could. That’s a fuzzy line these days. How much of me is my orders and how much of me is…me… Hell, how much of me is corrupted data. Thankfully I got that memory stabilizer installed when I did otherwise I might be a blank slate…or worse like those old Walker Drones…acting like animals…disgraceful…I remember seeing those things march onto a field and send the enemy running for their lives…now we pay them no mind, like they were nothing more than a part of the scenery. Did I always go off on random thoughts like this? I guess that doesn’t matter anymore either. I have a job to do. As long as I can still do that job, who I was, or who I am matters not. Back to work Soldier.

Something has seemingly changed in the behavior of Atlas-009. After the destruction of Galdera Atlas began immediately working on building things. As if working under an order no one remembers giving he silently works day and night in his workshop when he can. Between making copies of his trademark rifle, the S-M4-009, and cutting and fitting plasteel plating onto his frame, he works on what seems nothing more than a pile of metal at the moment. When inquired as to what he is working on he simply replies with “I must return to peak combat efficiency.” and immediately returns to his work.

“A construct of war built in a forgotten time, assigned to a forgotten Hildebrandt, still loyal to a forgotten command.”


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