Apollo Arlox

Immortal Knight in the Hildebrandt Vanguard


Name: Sir Apollo Arlox
Age: 24
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 417lbs
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Iridescent Blue
Weapon: Gearwulf – Ancient Blade and Apollo Arlox’s trademark weapon
Armor: Vanguard Minimalist Mk. 2


The words on the holo-screen began to blur as Apollo focused on his reflection. Typing the report from his combat mission with Markavious and Atlas had become tedious and he found his thoughts drifting elsewhere. Though the room was dimly lit, the features on his face, if you could call it that, were sharp as they were highlighted by the piercing blue light of his eyes.

He turned away from the screen in disgust. He resented this Immortal frame. He knewArthur had the best intentions in transferring his consciousness into this form but he felt robbed. He wanted, more than anything, to prove that the Arlox name was not a badge of shame. Arlox would be a name to revere. One of integrity and valor. His work, however, would be cut out for him if he were to battle its legacy.

It was a well known story. The tale of Gaius Arlox and his band of raiders. Their dishonorable and savage tactics did more than wreak havoc on the Hildebrandt forces, they crippled them. With their rifles and cannons and bombs they lead ambush after ambush, strike after strike, until one fateful day. Ignoring their “take no prisoners” policy in lieu of a quick extraction the Arlox gang left one alive after their slaughter. Once the smoke had cleared the Hildebrandt scribe tended to her wounds and made her way back to the capitol where she gave priceless intel as to the whereabouts of this guerilla gang.

The Hildebrandt brass took no chances as they lead an all out assault against the home base of Gaius Arlox. As quickly as they had arrived the Hildebrandt forces were boarding their transport vessles to head back home. A trail of fire in their wake. And under their wing, a small boy. As the years went by this small boy grew to be a soldier among the Hildebrandt House, started a family, died and the Arlox name lived on. But it didn’t go without its setbacks. The story of the dishonorable Gaius Arlox clung to the Arlox name like a plague on the carcass of a tardigrade.

Apollo, as a descendant of Gaius’s dishonor, was no stranger to the merciless shame that came with being an Arlox. He vowed that he would bestow honor to the Arlox name. He would die trying if had to.

His daydream drifted to memories of his training. His indoctrination into the “Vanguard” unit was met with scrutiny by many. The Vanguard unit was reserved for only the most promising students and those of nobility. So for an Arlox to be among their ranks seemed to taint the title. Apollo was determined to show that he was worthy. Given a certain prince among the trainees, he had the perfect motivation to compete and succeed. If he could keep up with the heir to the throne then surely his name would be raised from the depths of shame.

The wildfire that burned inside didn’t go unnoticed.

“Let’s gooooo, Arlox. You’re lagging behind and I have one leg!” barked Markavious. Apollo didn’t disappoint, he pulled from reserves he didn’t know he head and moved his way up in the pack during the 30 mile jog through the gruelingly thick forest. Markavious had to hand it to him. The boy showed determination, more than he had seen in an Arlox in his lifetime. He knew to expect great things from this boy.

Apollo slammed his fist into the desk knocking a ceramic goblet to the floor and shattering it to pieces. He felt no remorse as he knew he would never drink from it again. He began to fume as he thought of how hard he had worked to get to where he was. He was in prime position. Fighting on the front-lines with Prince Arthur. His combat record a gleaming symbol of perfection. He remembered seeing the spear flying through the air and knowing that all his hard work had finally paid off. He would martyr himself, save the prince, and gain eternal glory for the Arlox name. He would go down in the scribe’s history notes as the man who ensured the future of the House Hildebrandt bloodline.

The echo of the goblet’s impact still rang through the room.

“No…” he whispered to a non-existent audience. His thoughts coalesced.

There were many who could claim the title of “Savior of the bloodline”. Many had fought and died to receive that title and to think it was reserved for himself was a selfish notion at best. No, he thought to himself. This was his second chance. As if Titus, himself, handed Apollo his soul back and said “Your journey is far from complete, your name not yet realized, and your destiny awaits.”

Apollo knew what had to be done. He would use this second chance – no, this blessing from Titus to engrave the Arlox name among the legacy of greatness just as Titus had before him all those years ago.

He would put the name “Immortal” to the test.

“You’re destined for greatness, Apollo. Wear your name as a badge of honor, not one of shame.”
-Alexandria Arlox, wife to Apollo moments before her death

Apollo Arlox

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