Knight Sky

MIssion 7: The hunt for Roger Arlox

Recap for 1/31/16

AAR – Mission 7: The hunt for Roger Arlox

The Vanguard takes a month’s time off to recuperate from the heavy hit aboard the raider vessel. In the passed time, Arthur gets used to his new prosthetic, Markavious departs for other matters Ordo Custos,Apollo learns to use his new weapon much better, Atlas constructs additional ammo, and Viktor spends his days doing whatever it is that he does. The crew is summoned to the war room for their next mission. Lady Evelyn, High Keeper Barrus, and Sir Ivan Longcoat are all present as well as another scribe that, until now, had only been under the radar: Scribe Ira. Lady Evelyn and High Keeper Barrus report the information that they gathered from interrogating the mercenary swordsman and come to find out that he was outfitted with his Shenwa weaponry by none other than Roger Arlox. Outraged at the lack of information about this treacherous beast, Apollo stands and demands information from Scribe Jaylen as he had requested the info from her months ago. Embarrassed the Scribe stands up to give her report about her findings – Equally embarrassed Apollo sits back down noting his terrible timing on his outburst.

Scribe Jaylen recounts the information on this known miscreant and divulges that he is known to spend time on a midway space station between Neo-London and the Corbray homeworld called “The Stop”. Lord Evelyn wastes no time in dispatching the Vanguard to apprehend this Arlox character and bring him to justice. The crew does a quick gear check and boards the nicest dropship to set “sail” for the space station.

When the crew arrives in full HIldebrandt-sigil-adorned garb they are horribly out of place as every grease-covered, dirt speckled, peasant eyeballs the crew and gives them a wide birth as they make their way into the station. After questioning some locals the group finds that a man named Theo runs the joint and is in charge of assigning all jobs and work. He defers this job of assignment, however, to a crew of nearly a dozen workers at desks who handle the long lines of people looking for “jobs”. In a hap-hazard improvised plan, the heroes attempt another Honey-pot scam in effort to create a trap around them and over power their opponents. This plan, however, is quickly dissolved as Apollo and Viktor find themselves staring down the barrels of multiple guns and the points of a few spears. Knowing they can’t handle an entire spacestation of ruffians, Arthur gives the order to fall back to the ship while they still have a ship to fall back to. In the chaos, Ira and Arthur are both able to find that one of Roger Arlox’s favorite service ships is about to leave for a mission. The crew leaves the station and docks on a nearby asteroid to wait for the ship to exit port.

The ship finally leaves “The Stop” and the crew follows from a distance. Arthur calls in a Titus-Warship boarding crew as back up and the 9 soldiers board the smuggling vessel. Being in sensor range during their trip the crew is met with immediate resistance. But the smugglers lack of training, skill, instinct, and honor only help them to more quickly become casualties to the unstoppable onslaught that is the Hildebrandt Vanguard. Only one Hildebrandt casualty vs their 6? They liked those odds. Pushing further into the vessel through hidden corridors and shafts the heroes find their way to the bridge where they engage in even more combat. One more Hildebrandt foot-soldier is lost in the fray and Arthur takes a crippling shot to his only good leg, barely escaping with his life. Viktor, Ira, and Apollo are able to quickly dispatch the rest of the bridge crew while Atlas poors rounds down a corridor, single-handedly holding off an entire squadron of smugglers trying to retake the bridge. Through a very quick sword-tip-assisted interrogation, Apollo is able to gain the captain’s passcode to the ship and seals the bulkhead to the bridge followed by venting all the ship’s atmosphere save for the bridge itself. Now they would only have to worry about the immortals crewing the ship. The mission, though, is far from over….



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