Knight Sky

Mission 6

Recap for 1/24/16

AAR – MIssion 6: The Honey Pot

The clangs of swords in the west training field are drowned out by the massive engines of the Capitol Ship: Titus. Arthur and the Vanguard make their way towards the docking bay where they meet with Lord Evelyn and Sir Ector upon their return from their meeting with House Ghebhard. After many moments of discussion the politics are laid to rest for the time and the more pressing matter of the immediate condition of the Hildebrandt moon is taken into account.

Raiders had become quite the nuisance since the Fall of Galdera (See database entry 280). As such, reports of these groups becoming bolder in the last few weeks had garnered the attention of Lord Evelyn. She defers to her son, Arthur, on the matter and leaves it to his judgement on what should be done. Deferring to the rest of the Vanguard a decision is made to emulate the legendary Raven of the Black Forest (See database entry 026), in which a honey pot, of sorts, would be laid out for the raiders to hit only to be ambushed by an eager Vanguard.

No time was wasted and the plan was set into motion. A 3 train-long caravan was dispatched from Ashforge to a neighboring city. Raiders exploded from the woods ahead of the caravan all mounted on their hover-bikes. In a stunning move, an explosive charge is hurled towards the nearest wall to the city and explodes leaving a massive hole for the raiders to ride through. Stuck on the train the Vanguard is only able to watch as the raiders entered and laid waste to parts of the city. The rising smoke plumes in the distance gave urgency to the band of heroes and they detached the rest of the caravan for a speed boost. Unable to capture any of the raiders the Vanguard summons a dropship and tends to the city’s wounded. The dropship arrives shortly and the Vanguard moves off, airborne, in the direction of the fleeing raiders.

Anti-aircraft fire quickly erupts from the trees below forcing the crew to evacuate from the ship with their Raven-Class Jump Packs. Apollo is stuck on the drop ship as a second shot from a massive harpoon launcher strikes the hull of the ship. He is able to bring the ship upright enough that the chain hanging from the harpoon acted as a sort of rappelling device, hanging from the dense tree cover, allowing him to simply regroup with the others on the ground to continue their assault on the raider fortress.

The fortress, itself, was a derelict mining vessel with its giant bay doors locked ajar acting as a makeshift cave in the hillside. In a practiced phalanx formation the vanguard presses forward into the camp in Alpha formation (3-man shield wall, Viktor on the six, and Atlas as the overwatch). The camp resistance was quickly dispatched with the trained might of the group. Multiple skilled slashes, swipes, and headshots later and the Vanguard was pushing their way inside the fortress. Upon approaching the bridge of the vessel the crew is met with heavy resistance by skilled shield soldiers and spear-men. An aggressive fight takes place with the HIldebrandt forces eventually claiming victory with only minor injuries. Their celebration, however, is cut short by the engines of a hover-bike flaring to life in the bridge plowing through Arthur and Apollo leaving them both horribly maimed. Atlas, not being in the bridge with them, is able to bring his rifle to bare and bring the rider down with his machine-like proficiency. Viktor and Markavious are able to tend to Apollo and Arthur while help arrives. The rider, however, isn’t downed so easily and draws a bright orange Shenwa Greatsword. With centuries of training and expert programming, Atlas shows the might of the old ways and downs the would-be swordsman.

Evac ships shortly arrive and take the wounded and the enemy swordsman back to Ashforge. Markavious quickly goes to work to repair Arthur’s amputated leg. Apollo, being an immortal, is able to get the repairs needed. Barrus, High-keeper of House Hildebrandt begins his fabled interrogation techniques on the captive swordsman. He boasts “I should have answers shortly”.



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