Knight Sky

Mission 5

Recap for 12/17/2016

AAR – Mission 5: The Truth Revealed, yet Justice desired

The Vanguard sped across space in the Kolta Gauss power craft towards something known only as “the object”. Arthur attempted to make peace with the Shenwa Captain en route to the objective in efforts to form a more powerful squad but is met with strict rebellion and insulting words. The Kolta boarding craft collides with the the unknown object and both squads, Shenwa and Hildebrandt, exit the vessel weapons at the ready. The Shenwa forces, so sure of their footing, take an immediate path towards the location as marked on their geiger counters, clearly with their own plans. With a door blocking the path and two very unfriendly Shenwa Knights guarding the way forward, the crew does what only can be done and waits. After much time goes by the Shenwa forces are able to slip past their makeshift blast door and seal it behind them just as fast as they opened it, leaving the Hildebrant warriors on their own. With no other choices to make the Vanguard follows Sir Arthur’s command and explores the vessel. Upon further exploration the crew discovers dust particles and make-shift barriers along the way granting validity to the fears of some sort of metal re-purpose scavenging that had taken place. Atlas discovers ancient bullet holes along the bulkhead with ancient calibers. After bypassing some doorways the crew makes their way to the bridge of the vessel. Markavious is able to discern the actual age of the vessel and discovers the vessel is thousands of years old. While Markavious absorbs as much info as possible Apollo feels a faint rumbling throughout the ships hull and makes it known to the group. Wasting no time, Arthur gives the command to leave as Markavious had discovered that the ancient ship, itself, was hurtling towards the atmosphere of Oceanus. With precious time wasting, the heroes make their way to the source of the tremors only to discover the Shenwa Knight-Captain using mining-grade explosives to blast a hole into the hull of the ship in efforts to steal away with the AI-corrupting technology. The team wasted no time in confronting the Captain which lead to an altercation effectively ending the Captain’s life and the lives of his two Knights whilst, simultaneously, acquiring a full confession to their misdealings: lying to the king, stealing the tech for themselves, attempting to have the Hildebrants killed, and plotting a powerplay.

Once the Shenwa forces had been dispatched the crew prepared a long debrief for the King and his Keepers to be viewed upon their return. Once arrived the crew was quickly stripped of all weapons and armor and subjected to a long, post-mission, sterilization and screening process. Their efforts, however, would be granted no ceremony as the mission was highly classified and off the books. The Queen made it clear to the Hildebrandts that there would be no punishment for the Shenwa’s as none of the dealings of the past few days had even “taken place”. Scorned and their trust in the Kolta house shaken, Arthur, Markavious, Victor, Atlas, and Apollo give a full debriefing to Sir Ector Lohengrin and High Keeper Barrus, despite the King’s direct commands.

The Hildebrandts would not falter in their convictions to the house. Despite the King’s orders they would ensure their honor and integrity would stay true, not to the King, but to Titus and his legacy.



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